About No End

No End is a weekly updating webcomic about a group of people trying to survive in a cold, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by hordes of undead.

The comic was (and still is) originally a paragraph-style RP written by Erli and Kromi since October 2012. Its emphasis has always been on characters and their relationships and therefore the comic is also more of a post-apocalyptic soap opera with some zombies thrown in for occasional suspense rather than a pure-bred zombie story.

The nature of the story is episodic and although there is an overarching plotline that occasionally rears its head, most of the plotlines are short and wrapped up within couple of chapters.

The comic has a Tumblr blog for news, Q&A, illustrations and sketches and whetever relates to the comic. Both of the authors will be happy to receive feedback and answer any questions you may have about the comic.

The Authors


(Story, page layouts, thumbnails, sketches)

Erli resides in the capital of Finland. She spends her days at school studying 3D animation and evenings usually at home with her roomie and roomie's cat, watching movies and TV series, and reading books and comics. Erli has a tendency to talk too much nonsense, but not everyone is perfect.



(Story, inks, colors, touch-up Photoshop magic)

The reclusive, mostly nocturnal Kromi lives in central Finland and can be most often found playing videogames and consuming copious amounts of popular culture in the shape of movies, TV series and comics. Although timid by nature and difficult to approach, Kromi is cheerful and does not shy away from a proposal for conversation.




No End logo made by Raffe.
The font used in lettering is Ames.